Waste Management and Environmental Protection Video

The “Waste Management and Environmental Protection” project is part of the “IPA Cross Border Cooperation Albania-Kosovo, 2010-2011″, funded by the European Union Delegation in Albania and Kosovo. The Urban Research Institute and the Advocacy Training & Resource Center were partners during this project implementation.

This project focused on stimulating sustainable economic development and environmental protection through the promotion of recycling and integrated waste management in the cross-border region of Albania and Kosovo. Project activities helped raise awareness and collaborative capacities amongst citizens, public institutions and enterprises.

A very important product of this project was the Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP) with the participating municipalities, which helped establish a working group in each of the targeted municipalities. The working group was engaged in the development of a waste management plan, as well as in monitoring the implementation of this plan.

The IWMP in Kukes municipality comprises the entire territory of this municipality as defined by the Law no. 115/2014 dated 31.07.2014″On the administrative-territorial division of local government units in the Republic of Albania”.

November 25, 2021