Balkan for Optimising Opportunities, Sustainability and Transformation of Civil Society

BOOST aims to enhance democratic, economic, and social development within the Western Balkan region. The project is a comprehensive, long-term program designed to bolster the capacities of civil society across various thematic areas such as youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, rural development and environmental conservation, as well as the preservation of cultural heritage and community advancement. A core focus is on fostering active citizenship through participatory methodologies and ensuring a gender-inclusive perspective across all program endeavours.

Furthermore, the program seeks to support civil society organizations by:

  • a) providing capacity-building initiatives,
  • b) offering financial support for activities aligned with the three primary thematic pillars,
  • c) facilitating networking opportunities among civil society entities and other stakeholders, including local authorities.

Additionally, the project places an emphasis on the empowerment of young individuals, especially women, and the increase of their involvement across the aforementioned pillars. Moreover, it aims to boost citizen engagement and effective collaboration while facilitating direct dialogues with decision-makers at both local and national levels. These concerted efforts contribute to the establishment of transparent and responsive governance structures at the local level, thereby fostering positive regional impacts.


Enhance democratic, economic, and social progress within the Western Balkans region in the context of EU enlargement, by empowering civil society in key domains such as youth and entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, rural advancement, as well as the safeguarding of cultural heritage and community progress.

Specific objectives:

  1. Empower civil society organizations in the Western Balkans by enhancing their roles and capacities.
  2. Establish a network of relevant stakeholders (civil society groups, local authorities, universities, and others) dedicated to fostering stable and democratic, economic, cultural, and social advancement across the region.
  3. Foster and promote a common narrative among civil society actors and policymakers, emphasizing European values of peace, democracy, and the integration of all individuals at a regional level.


May 15, 2024