Development Of Baseline Emissions Inventories And Risk & Vulnerability Assessments For 2 Supported LSGUs In Albania

This project, relevant to the “EU4 Energy Transition: Covenant of Mayors in the Western Balkans and Turkey,” is a crucial initiative in the realm of sustainable energy and climate action at the local level. The service, “Development of Baseline Emissions Inventories and Risk & Vulnerability Assessments for 2 supported LSGUs in Albania,” falls under this broader action and aims to assist local governments in planning their first Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). The focus is on developing two key chapters of the SECAP – the Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI) and the Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA). These assessments are foundational for planning local mitigation and adaptation actions.

The project targets the municipalities of Durrës and Elbasan, neither of which is yet a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) but are pivotal in addressing climate change impacts due to their roles as significant energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters.


February 21, 2024