Sustainable Forest Management As An Alternative To Forest Degradation In Elbasan

A group of five individuals seated around a table in an office setting, engaged in a discussion , with papers and electronic devices on the table and a nature-themed artwork on the wall.

The project is a collaborative effort closely aligned with the Municipality of Elbasan. It aims to contribute to more sustainable forest management by applying Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) approaches. Albania, with forests covering approximately 36% of its land surface, faces challenges in maintaining these vital ecosystems. The forest area has declined over the years due to factors such as insufficient forest management capacity, illegal logging, forest fires, and unsustainable use of resources.

Elbasan Municipality, which owns extensive forested and unproductive lands, is affected by these issues. Private forested areas also suffer from unsustainable practices. Problems include a lack of periodic forest inventory, significant deforestation, forest burning, land alienation, and erosion. The project’s overarching objective is to develop institutional and community capacities, particularly focusing on women and youth in the Elbasan Municipality. This development serves as a foundation for improving living conditions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. The project emphasizes a strategy for reducing forest degradation and conserving biodiversity through the implementation of sustainable forest management practices​​.


February 21, 2024