Revitalization of social and cultural life of young people and citizens in Skrapar and the establishment of a Daily Centre for Health Services and Food in Bulqiza

The project is addressed to young people and the wider community of the cities of Bulqizë and Çorovoda. Located respectively in the northeast and southeast of Albania, those realities have a similar environmental, social and economic background: low economic level of the population, high unemployment and low levels of public investments. Recent economic crisis in destination countries, like Greece and Italy, and the progressive reduction in remittances, has deprived many local families of their only source of livelihood. Unemployment rate, only in Bulqizë reach 46% of the total population. Among youngest, unemployment reaches a dramatic 80%. Professionals and young people have progressively left the municipality area, emigrating abroad or choosing an internal destination, Tirana surroundings at first.

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March 11, 2017