Matrix of Competencies of Local Self-Government

This analysis provides recommendations to the Ministry of Interior, responsible for the coordination with the local government and local elected associations, on steps that need to be taken to ensure in the sectorial legislation relevant to local self-governance the extent of local autonomy set out in the Cross-Cutting Strategy of Decentralisation and Local Governance. To this purpose, around 400 legal and sub-legal acts have been reviewed, which regulate the various sectors involving the exercise of functions by the local self-government units.

The report constitutes an instrument that will help both tiers of governance share a similar understanding of the current legal and institutional framework which is relevant to the local self-government functions. The implementation of the recommendations provided in this report will require the revision of the Strategy along with the timeline of implementation, and financial and human resources needed, allowing for progress towards the ongoing challenge for decentralization and democracy.

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February 20, 2019