Telephone Survey Report: Disability Assessment

Though disaster prevention is gaining increased importance in the Regulations of Albania and Greece and in the priorities of the local authorities in the region, baseline data and strategic guidance on how to carry out the relevant priority setting and how to support hazard prevention and reaction measures for citizens with reduced mobility and autonomy, such as People with Disabilities (PWDs) and seniors with special needs, are lacking. The Public Awareness, Preparedness, Participation and Coordination for Civil Protection for All (4PLUS) Project has promoted the perception of disability as part of human diversity, ensuring PWD’s rights are respected in the same way as all other citizens.

Within the framework of this project, Urban Research Institute conducted a Telephone Survey, from September to December 2019, to assess the level of inclusion of people with disability on the civil protection and disaster risk reduction processes in the regions covered by the Program Interreg IPA CBC Greece-Albania 2014-2020; as well as, to assess the level of awareness among PWD and within the society at large of the needs, actual risks, and types of exclusion faced by PWD in periods of hazards, etc. A total of 1000 individuals were interviewed by phone for the purpose of this survey, out of which 300 were people with disability and/or persons with reduced mobility. 

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March 20, 2020