Evaluation of Gaps in the Implementation of the National Strategy and National Plan on Waste Management in Albania

Albania is engaged in fulfilling the obligations under the EU Stabilisation and Association Agreement. In the area of environment, regarding waste management, the recent Progress Report of 2014 from the EC, assesses implementation of the national policy as having shortcomings; separated waste collection largely not established and low recycling rates are direct results of it. The very limited capacity of waste management authorities is one main cause defined in the Report. The financial situation of local governments in general, only recently restructured under the new administrative and territorial reform, is currently still weak. On this ground, the approximation of the EU legislation on waste management needs to be revised and improved. To this purpose, the National Strategy, the National Plan and the Law on waste management are the basic documents which may need revision and improvement, on account of shortcomings in implementation so far.

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March 11, 2017