Strengthening Rule of Law, Awareness and Legal Advice for Registration of Property Rights in Pogradec District

Pogradec is a city in southeastern Albania, situated on the shores of Ohrid Lake, with a population of around 70,000 inhabitants and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Although more than 60% of some 4 million that makes the estimated total of immovable property titles have already been registered, the process of first registration still is incomplete and the immovable property market is most active. Thus far, only part of villages on Pogradec district have been included in the first registration process, leaving out the registration of properties in valuable areas and villages, such as Hudenisht, Bucimas, Cerrave, etc. The proposed project is designed to increase awareness and provide legal advice and build communication links between target groups in the project area and institutions, i.e., IPRO staff, in charge of property registration as well as URI project staff.


March 11, 2017