Building climate resilience of forests through Ecosystem-based Adaptation

The project “Building Climate Resilience of Forests through Ecosystem-based Adaptation,” is critically positioned to address the environmental challenges faced by Elbasan Municipality in Albania. Elbasan, as one of the biggest cities in Albania and central hub of economic and cultural activities, suffers from severe environmental degradation. The city is grappling with heavy soil, water, and air pollution. Key environmental issues include persistent pollution, degraded forests, and erosion, leading to an increased risk of floods and landslides. The rivers, vital water sources for the region, are significantly impacted by human activity.

The project underscores the urgent need for climate change adaptation in vulnerable communities, particularly around forest watersheds. This initiative directly corresponds with the objectives set in Albania’s National Strategy for Development and Integration (2016-2020), which identifies major environmental challenges like water resource contamination, soil erosion due to unsustainable forestry, and critical waste management issues​.


February 16, 2024