Electric Mobility For Sustainable Tourism In Albania

A busy highway with multiple lanes of traffic, each car is highlighted and outlined by a blue box indicating vehicles using batteries.

The project is a groundbreaking initiative designed to tackle the environmental issues stemming from Albania’s significant reliance on fossil fuels in the transportation sector. This reliance contributes to high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, posing a threat to both local environments and broader climate goals. The project’s strategic approach involves transforming Albania’s energy and mobility landscape towards sustainability, aligning with both national and EU priorities for environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The initiative targets three specific Albanian regions — Berat, Belsh, and Elbasan — focusing on implementing strategies for electric mobility, enhancing public transportation, promoting non-motorized transport options, and integrating low-carbon technologies. This multifaceted approach aims to address not only the environmental concerns but also the economic and social aspects of sustainable tourism in Albania.


February 21, 2024