UKT – Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme, Stakeholder Participation Programme

Founded in 1939, UKT is a municipal enterprise that provides water supply services as well as the collection, removal and treatment of polluted water for the municipalities of Tirana, Vorë and Kamëz. Existing studies and documents show that UKT is currently facing a number of challenges related to: the amortized state of the water supply network due to low maintenance leading to frequent interruptions in water supply and poor water quality; a high non-revenue water rate; high cost of groundwater pumping; complicated cash flow situation, etc. In order to increase its capacity to improve the water supply system, UKT has benefited from a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for (i) the construction of a pipeline to transfer water from the water treatment plant water in Bovillë in the western part of the city; and (ii) the extension of the water treatment plant in Bovillë.


February 1, 2022